Amidst the arrival of many millions of asylum seekers in Europe since 2015, a significant number have based their asylum claim on fear of religious persecution following a conversion to Christianity in their country of origin, in transit, or their host country. In this workshop, we would like to draw together those who research the connection between asylum and conversion to Christianity across different jurisdictions and from different disciplines (e.g. law, anthropology, sociology, socio-legal studies, religious studies, theology, geography) in order to share insights and questions, and build networks across our research field. We also welcome contributions from practitioners (e.g. pastors, lawyers, interpreters, judges).

If you are interested to participate, please submit an abstract detailing your planned contribution (fitting with the themes identified in the Call for Papers below) in max. 300 words, as well as a short biography, by 31 March 2022 to lena.rose@csls.ox.ac.uk.


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NOV, 2021

Lena Rose discusses asylum and conversion on BBC4 World at One and Radio 4 Sunday Programme.


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