‘Asylum and Conversion to Christianity: New Directions in Research’, Edited Collection by Lena Rose and Ebru Öztürk, with contributions from an interdisciplinary Workshop in June 2022


‘Asylum Adjudications on the Basis of Religious Conversion’ in Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E. and A. Rowlands (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Religion and Contemporary Migration (OUP 2022).

JUL, 2022

„Finding the True Convert: Tensions between Church and State in Asylum Appeal Hearings based on Conversion to Christianity”, Biennial Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologist, School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics at Queen’s University Belfast, 26.-29. Juli 2022

JUL 2022

‘Conversion Through the Eyes of the State’, Keynote Summer School Religious Conversion, Universität Leipzig, 14. Juni 2022.

JUN, 2022

Christianity on Trial: Creating a ‘Christian Religion’ in Asylum Processes of Converts to Christianity”, Workshop Asylum and Conversion to Christianity – New Directions in Research (Online), organised together with Ebru Öztürk

MAY, 2022

‘Christianity on Trial: Asylum, Conversion, and the Modern-Nation State’, Departmental Seminar at School of Anthropology and Museum Studies, University of Oxford, 20. Mai 2022

APR, 2022

‘Finding the ‘True Convert’ in Asylum Appeal Hearings of Converts to Christianity’, Annual Conference Socio-Legal Studies Association, University of York, 6.-8. April


‘What is truth? – negotiating Christian convert asylum seekers’ credibility’ Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (with Z. Given-Wilson; eds. S. Fiske, D. Massey, I. Varie-Lavoisier).

NOV, 2021

Lena Rose discusses asylum and conversion on BBC4 World at One and Radio 4 Sunday Programme.


‘What is truth? – negotiating the credibility of religious conversion of asylum seekers in German courts’, Cognition and Migration Workshop 2020, 16 Dec 2020, online.


‘What is truth? – negotiating the credibility of religious conversion of asylum seekers in German courts’, Civil and Administrative Justice Cluster Workshop, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies Centre, University of Oxford, 25 Nov 2020, online.


Refugee Status Determination on the basis of fear of religious persecution in cases of religious conversion of asylum seekers in Germany, France, and the UK’, Workshop ‘Recognizing Refugees’ by Prof Cathryn Costello, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung, Berlin, 12 December 2019.


What Kind of Christianity? A v Switzerland ‘ (2018) 7 Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 543 [Case Note, with D. Thebault]

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